• Sande did not envision himself as a mitumba seller but takes it positively.

Sande selling Mitumba
Sande selling Mitumba
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan viral  'Mitumba' seller, Sande Mayau, has become an internet sensation. 

While selling mitumba (second-hand clothes), Sande entertains his customer using comical messages to lure them to buy the clothes.

Speaking to Mpasho, Sande said he likes every bit of what he does; his antics.

"I like doing it, it is all about accepting your job, being proud of it. If you entertain your customers they will promote you. The more you entertain a lady, the more they buy," he said. 

According to Sande, he did not envision himself as a mitumba seller but takes it positively because that is what he has at hand. 

"When I entertain people, I love it even if it is not in the market. I like making people laugh and just be happy. My dream was to become a music producer, I wanted to go to college but this wasn't possible."

The 28-year-old business person says he started his Mitumba business with a capital of Ksh 150. He grew to a point where he could buy stock worth Ksh 5,000.

However, he opted to seek employment from another person. He currently works for a man that has been supportive to him and likes his work. 

Sande looks forward to starting his own business once again. 

Videos of Sande entertaining customers, wearing the female clothes he sells have cracked Kenyan's ribs.

Impressed by Sande's antics, socialite Vera Sidika asked Kenyans to support his business. 

The comical Mitumba seller resides in Kisumu, sells the clothes at the Kisumu boys roundabout, National Oil Stage.

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