In a recent interview I had with Sande Bush aka Dr. Ofweneke, the comedian opened up on how God's leading in his life was a major influence on how he chose to navigate his career.

During the interview, Ofweneke explained how following God could be a scary decision telling me,

"At times it can be very scary. In fact, I was sharing with Size 8 and Mr. T, 3 days ago, that God can be a horror movie."

He then explained to me how his decision-making had been affected by the influence of the Almighty.

"When I was in Milele, I think I was the first-ever stand-up comedian on radio at 19-years. I did Milele for 7 years and I woke up one morning and I told God, it's either I get fired or I am resigning and not because I was being poached."

Apparently many media heavyweights had already tried to get the services of the entertainer.

"PQ had tried poaching me after Jalang'o left the first time. The late CK tried poaching me to Capital. Even Maisha and Hot96 wanted me, so it wasn't like I was going anywhere," the father of 3 disclosed.

He then explained why following God's voice is critical for someone's growth.

"When God speaks, his voice is very loud. When you start hearing that voice...One must be removed from one mountain to another. You can't be in two mountains at the same time. God can be scary. He is the show-stopper," he opined.

The charismatic MC even divulged that many of his entrepreneurial efforts had failed in 2020. He told me that he realised his mistake was looking at things from the physical plain and not the spiritual one the way God does.

"Last year things were very weird for everybody. I tried some businesses with my wife but they failed. At some point, I almost left for the US but later God told me that I was looking at things from a physical standpoint while he looks at things from the spirit."

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