• Wabosha is dating, but does not wish to introduce her man online. 

Wabosha Maxine
Wabosha Maxine

Lifestyle influencer Wabosha Maxine has been an icon in the content creation, beauty, and makeup world. 

At 25-years-old, Wabosha has won awards, and has now launched a podcast named ' A letter to my younger self.'

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Wabosha shared some details about her personal life, and the kind of partner she would love. 

“He has to look nice of course, the person has to be smart, someone who can carry a conversation. And also smells nice, it's nice to smell good," Wabosha shared. 

Currently, Wabosha is dating but does not wish to introduce her man online. 

She says that her platform is specifically for beauty and travel topics, and she can only introduce the man if the focus shifts to a family-oriented platform. 

In the interview, Wabosha also shared about her upbringing, which she says was not a hard one. 

“I wouldn't say it was a struggle really and if we did struggle my parents then worked very hard to hide it."

The renowned content creator says the easiest hack to success is to work smart. 

“I am trying to unlearn the notion that you need to suffer to be successful. People really like glorifying suffering. It doesn’t mean the harder you work the richer you become, you should work smart," she said. 

For Wabosha, what she can tell her younger self is;

“Keep at it. Believe in your process, everything that you are doing right now will make sense in the future."

In her podcast, Wabosha Maxine will be inviting other speakers to share letters to their younger selves.

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