• Memories of her glory days are always fresh in Conjestina Achieng's head. 

Conjestina Achieng and son Charltone
Conjestina Achieng and son Charltone

Conjestina Achieng remains a household name in Kenya for the gold medals she won in her boxing career. 

Currently, the mother of one took a break in her b0xing career due to mental instability. 

But Kenya has a tendency of forgetting its heroes when such a tragedy befalls them. 

"Mum feels neglected." These are the words of Conjestina Achieng's 25-year-old son Charltone Otieno. 

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Charltone who is a fitness trainer and aspiring boxer said his mum's situations has attracted all kinds of people in their lives.

Many go to their home to take pictures with Conjestina Achieng, promising to help her find medication and get back to her feet, but only a few maintain their promises. 

He mentioned sports journalist Carol Radull and Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko among the few people who have fulfilled their promises. 

"Radull has known my mum ever since I was a kid. They have been friends since before mum started getting ill," he said. 

Even though she is mentally unstable, memories of her glory days are always fresh in Conjestina Achieng's head. 

“Mum remembers everything. It is only that when she talks to you, she says some irrelevant things. She can start telling you that she has spoken with Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson, and they are coming to see her.  

Mum feels neglected, sometimes she can go to a corner and talk to herself the whole day. On such days she doesn’t eat or even sleeps. The next day she is all hyper and happy.”

Charltone shared that there are a lot of false things that have been said about her mum, including reports that she burnt her house. 

One time, rumor had it that she is dead. He said such reports reach her mum, and she is unbothered.

However, the family gets affected by such falsehoods. 

“If she was to burn her house, she would have done it long ago. It was an accident and it was put out but her personal things and clothes burnt down,” Charltone dismissed recent reports that she Conjestina burnt her house. 

His son is determined to keep his mum's legacy, and currently works as a fitness trainer and also scouts trainer.

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