Dr. Ofweneke defended Jalang'o this week after rumours had emerged that the Kiss100 radio presenter might be engaged in "Wash Wash".

In a recent interview with the comedian, I asked him why he had been so vocal in his defense of Jalas?

He said that from what he knew of Jalang'o he had never witnessed anything that resembled being a person of "Wash Wash"

"I don't know anything about the 'Wash Wash' but the Jalang'o I have seen for the past 12 years is hardworking. His wife and my wife are friends as well. I have yet to see him make illegitimate moves."


"As a man, I have grown around gentlemen who I call my pillars. They have stood by me both emotionally, in terms of advice, whether to get a career move, these are guys who have always been there."

Ofweneke explained that he had witnessed all the stages in Jalang'o's hustle, even when his friend didn't have any money,

"I have been there when Felo is making moves when he is doing proposals at his offices. When he is there and he doesn't even have money to pay his staff. I have been there when he says he has no money. I have been with him whereby we have done gigs and he says, 'I wish I could pay you, sina hii doh!' "

He said that they had known each other for so long, that they had passed the stage of lying to each other,

"Jalas and I tushapitia hiyo place ya kudanganyana. I have seen him when he is vulnerable and I have seen him in his times of strength."

Mr. Ofweneke concluded by saying that all the hard work Jalang'o put him showed in his flourishing life,

"From my point, I have seen the hard work he puts in, I have seen him doing proposals to get deals. You are telling me in all the years he has been in the industry, he hasn't been able to save for the cars he gets?" he asked.

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