Award-winning singer Karun has opened up about the journey that Camp Mulla took as high school kids to top music charts.

Speaking to Wabosha Maxine on her new podcast series, A Letter To My Younger Self, Karun explained the trajectory of Camp Mulla's rise to fame.

"The group was together for only a year. It went from zero to a hundred. We blew up. BET nominations, MTV, VMA and the Safaricom Live tour," she explained.

"We started recording in 2010, we released in 2011, 2012 got all the awards then we broke up. I guess we were together for 3 years. But the world only knew of us for like a year," Karun added.

Asked what their biggest achievement was, Karun explained, "That all three of us put together an entire album at that age and we handled all the craziness in the industry without proper structures I think that is a huge achievement."

She continued, "We could have lost our minds I think. It was stressful. There are no structures. we were famous and broke."

Watch the entire 30-minute podcast in the link shared below.

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