Wabosha Maxine
Wabosha Maxine

Popular content creator Wabosha Maxine has tackled some of the issues she faces as a public figure.

Most people view her as someone who has already made it in the digital world, but that is not the case.

Wabosha unpack some of the issues she faces as a social media influencer on her 9-episode podcast titled A Letter To My Younger Self.

Wabosha said, "My mum, every single day she comes to my room to find out if I'm still sure I want to be a content creator and not pursue a career in Engineering. And I tell her I'm sure."

The university of Nairobi graduate explained, "My dad is pretty flexible, supportive as long as you are making the money, it doesn't matter.

I think the are proud of me because of the amount of time they take to share my videos with their friends. So I would definitely say they are proud of me."

Check out and exclusive clip shared with Mpasho on her inner struggles as an influencer.

Wabosha revealed that she also has to quiet down her inner voice of doubt.

"I myself, I have doubts that I may not be on the right path when it comes to content creation. Because it is a very unstable month. We have months that are really really good and others that are really really down."

She continued, "Also another thing is, my mum and aunty are always telling me, will you be an old shosho with a channel and endorsing products? And I was like well, Oprah is still old and she is still in fashion and still endorsing products.

I guess the doubts come with bills and there family and there is rent to be paid and school fees too. Is it actually sustainable? Or is it sustainable now that I am at home and have no bills?"

You can watch the entire episode in the link shared below.

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