Frankie's intention was to kick start a conversation on body wellness. 

Fitness coach Frankie JustGymIt
Fitness coach Frankie JustGymIt
Image: Instagram

Fitness trainer Francis Kiarie aka Frankie JustGymIt has been on the receiving end of netizens after his message on body wellness. 

Armed with a placard, the father of three took to a busy highway in the city asking;

"Look at your stomach, are you happy? "

Days after, Frankie pulled another placard saying; 

"Slimming tea na Mandazi tatu is not a meal." 

A section of Kenyans has interpreted the messages from the fitness trainer as body shaming. 

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Frankie JustGymIt said that his messages are not meant to body shame anyone, but instead a call to action on body fitness. 

"People need that harsh truth, that is why I dubbed it 'the ugly truth'. It is not targeted towards women, it is targeted to anyone who is looking to transform their bodies, their mental health, or physical appearance as well," he explained. 

The certified fitness cum nutrition expert clarified that anyone is at liberty to feel comfortable with their body, whether slim or plus size. 

"If you look at your tummy and you feel like you are happy, well and good. You have the choice to be comfortable in your body appearance and general health."

Frankie's intention was to kick start a conversation on body wellness, even if it would mean touching the ticking bomb.

"The goal is to showcase that we need to be more active and cautious about our health. People have become too comfortable with bad lifestyle habits. I just wanted to start the conversation, not to seek attention," he said. 

The fitness trainer advised that slimming tea is not a solution to body health, rather, green tea is preferred.

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