Oliver Mathenge denies dating Shix Kapienga

Shix Kapienga and Oliver Mathenge
Shix Kapienga and Oliver Mathenge

Netizens were excited about the discovery of a new celebrity couple; media personalities Shix Kapienga and Oliver Mathenge.

This is after a blurry photo of Shix Kapienga on a date with a gentleman who resembles Radio Africa's Digital Editor was posted by blogger Edgar Obare.

At first glance, the dude in the photo does kinda resemble Oliver, but the first distinctive difference is that the gentleman has a stud on his ear, Oliver hasn't pierced his ears.

The person who took the photo claimed that they were spotted at a club called Ozone along Ngong Road.

Speaking to Mpasho about this, Oliver laughed off the claims. He said, "That is not even me."

Adding, "I have not even seen Shix in over two years."

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