Philomena Njeri during happier times during her last birthday party
Philomena Njeri during happier times during her last birthday party

On Tuesday, August 10, tears flowed freely at the funeral and burial ceremony of slain Philomena Njeri.

Njeri was shot five times by her husband Jonathan Mukundi at their Kiambu mansion.

Their lifeless bodies were discovered by the police after they could not be reached on their phones.

Njeri was buried in Kirinyaga County at her parent's home.

Her friends paid tribute to her during the funeral service outlining how they disappointed her.

"We would pay anything, Njeri, to have you back for one more moment," the tribute read, "For one more memory. A million times we needed you, a million times you came through.

Our wish was that we came through for you, man, we disappointed Njeri, as her friends, we really did."

Adding, "If love alone could save you, you could never have died, for most of us we loved you in life and in death."

Murdered Philomena Njeri
Murdered Philomena Njeri

The rest of the tribute is detailed below, read through.

"Njeri, saying goodbye is not easy for us. Instead, we say we look forward to seeing our friend again. Each time we are reminded of you, Njeri, through a friend, a joke, an article, your golden clothing... these are the things that will keep us close despite this.

They say, friends are the closes thing to family but to most of us, you were family. A great big sister to many, a pillar of support, a source of joy, even in the hardest of times you still managed to make us laugh.

The memories you created as friends some personally from primary school to adulting, we always hold them close and will always be a reminder of the great gift of friendship you offered us.

Njeri was ridiculously happy in life so let us celebrate that life rather than weep in death that is why her slogan was, 'Si ni life!'.

There is no greater memory of yours than the sound of laughter may it drown out the sound of our cries many you find blessings in the next life, our dear friend.

The value of your friendship to all of us is beyond measure.

It broke most of our hearts when we learnt you are no more, you did not go alone my dear Njeri, you took away a part of our hearts.

Thank you for being an amazing friend, sister to us, fare thee, baby girl. Rest in peace."

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