Caroline Kangogo's funeral
Caroline Kangogo's funeral

Corporal Caroline Kangogo will be laid to rest today at her parents home in Iten.

In her last dying wish, Caroline stipulated that he body be cremated and that she be dressed in a pristine white wedding dress that is super expensive.

Her last text message left at the scene where he body was found, Caroline wrote:

"To my parents, I am requesting my body be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take care of my children. For the thing in Kasarani hire movers for safe delivery, here nothing belongs to (Name withheld) for I started from scratch after leaving us."

And to her fans she wrote, "To my people, it's my wedding day dress me in a white gown that (name withheld) didn't afford."

She did not forget to pen a last message to the family of her lover, Officer John Ogweno.

"For you, my loved John Ogweno our love was made in heaven that is why since Monday a day after the incident you always embrace me with love, forgiveness and a kiss, telling me it is well with your soul despite living in separate worlds. may our kids live in peace love forgiveness success n being God-fearing."

Caroline also apologised to Ogweno's wife, Juliet. 

"To Ogweno's family sorry for letting you down. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I really feel for Juliet and the kids."

She concluded the message with, "Sorry mama, I did not mean to."

The burial ceremony is ongoing.

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