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The father of two years, three months old child told a Kitui court how he intercepted and rescued the child from a suspected child trafficker who was on the run with the child. 

The complainant, Stephen Kamwendwa, who is the father of the child, told the court that he was performing house chores in his house at Better Living Institute (BLI) Estate in Kitui Town, while his daughter known as Sandra was playing outside the house when the incident happened. 

"I suddenly noticed my child was not within the compound and I started searching for her. However, she was nowhere to be found within the compound,” the father said. 

Kamwendwa further told the court that he decided to extend the search outside the compound and on enquiring from the fresh vegetable vendors who were hawking their vegetables outside the compound, they told him that they saw a woman leaving the compound while carrying the child and headed towards Kunda Kindu bus park situated near the BLI Estate. 

"I immediately rushed to Kunda Kindu bodaboda stage and after enquiry from the boda boda riders they informed me that they had seen the woman carrying a child and was heading towards Wikililye Trading Centre situated along Kitui-Wikililye Road, South of Kitui township." 

Kamwendwa accompanied by scores of boda boda riders intensified the search and headed to Wikililye Trading Centre and upon further enquiry from boda boda riders at the Wikililye over the whereabouts of the woman, they were told that she was seen heading to Mulango Trading Centre direction. 

The riders sped towards the Mulango Trading Centre along Wikililye - Kyangunga road and they caught up with the woman still carrying the child at the Mulango. 

Kamwendwa immediately took away his daughter, who at that time of the rescue was eating a lollipop sweet. The father accompanied by boda boda riders handed over the woman to the Mulango Police Post upon reporting the matter. 

Security search was conducted on the woman at the police post, the security officers discovered she had in her possession razor blades and some lollipops in her bag. 

Kamwendwa who is also the complainant was giving his testimony during a hearing in a case where Jane Mutanu Muli, the accused, is charged with child trafficking. 

The accused is reported to have stolen Sandra Kavuti, on 17th of October 2019 at around 11 am BLI area in Kitui Township.

The hearing of the case is set to resume on 25th of August.

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