MURDERED: Kevin and Wycliffe Omwenga
MURDERED: Kevin and Wycliffe Omwenga

Who is Wycliffe Omwenga and why is his death causing a furore among the police, family and ongoing court case?

Well, here is a breakdown of who Wycliffe was.

He was the older brother of murdered car dealer Kevin Omwenga. Kevin was shot in his posh apartment in Kilimani by Gold Dealer Chris Obure's bodyguard, Robert Bodo Ouko.

They were both arrested and charged with the murder. They are currently out on bond

When the shooting happened, Wycliffe was in the kitchen, he rushed to the bedroom to find the lifeless body of his brother slumped on the bed.

He was a key witness to the murder of his brother.

A year before the fatal shooting of Kevin, their mother had died in August 2018. Wycliffe and Kevin had plans to attend a memorial in August 2019, but that was cut short when he was murdered.

Remembering his dead mother, Wycliffe paid tribute to her on his social media.

"Rest in peace my dear mother," he wrote.

All this sadness weighed heavily on Wycliffe so much that on his birthday month, in March he penned a sad birthday prayer.

"Lord, please keep sadness away from my heart and worries from my mind. Bless me with a life of happiness, good health and good fortune," he penned.

Five months later, he was dead.

His lifeless body was found in his bedroom with "few bloodstains" and the door locked from inside.


What is very bizarre is the way police at Riruta Police station treated his family when they went to report the death.

The family claimed they were chased away from the station when they went to report Wycliffe’s death.

A team of detectives from the DCI headquarters has joined the probe. They are expected to establish the motive behind Wycliffe's murder.

“He could have been killed by parties who have an interest in many issues at hand. And given the manner in which officers at the station acted, it raises many questions,” an officer aware of the prob said.

Wycliffe Omwenga
Wycliffe Omwenga

Before his death, Wycliffe had a long-standing ambition to be a politician.

"Never give up. There will always come a time when things get better. God is always with you, even when no one else is. Amen," he urged his followers.

Wycliffe planned to run for MCA for Gesoni, Bogeka in 2022.

Check out photos of Wycliffe during happier times.


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