Maina Kageni with Shiro
Image: Instagram

For the last 5 weeks, radio king Maina Kageni has been missing on the airwaves. He has been on vacay.

Maina returned to Classic 105's breakfast show today morning.

"It is so nice to be back. I need another holiday from that holiday. I went to the US and Tanzania," he exclaimed.

In Dar es Salaam, Maiana was spotted partying with the creme of the Bongo fraternity from Juma Jux to Harmonize.

"I had to go check the bedroom how it is. But I really enjoyed myself. In the US I went to New York, I  Atlanta and Miami."

Adding, "Did I meet anyone interesting? It depends on who you mean. Celebrities no. I stayed away from them."

Tell us about Shiro!

"Shiro wa Maina, she is the best, the loveliest person ever, the most fun person ever and she is a doctor, she is going for her second doctorate, a PHD," Maina explained.

The question everyone is asking is, when is she coming? Maina explained, "Shiro is coming home next month. Mushone vitenge muwe tayari muanze kupractice soprano na alto. Habari ndio hiyo."


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