Willis Raburu spoke to our very own Kalondu Musyimi yesterday. The two caught up at the official music video shoot for popular song, "My Jaber" by H_art the Band.

One of the questions that the bubbly Kalondu asked the 10 over 10 host was why he was a constant advocate for conversations surrounding mental health in men?

"Men aren't vocal about it because of the way society has socialized them. Even the phrase, 'Be a man' means go through pain silently, don't share your emotions, don't cry, while in essence some of those things are necessary for you to get over things like grief and depression," he started out.

He added, 

"I speak about it also because I went through depression, then went to therapy. I still do from time to time. I had to deal with my own personal demons. I had to know what my role was in the problems that I faced."

The charismatic Citizen TV journalist said that he felt speaking about mental health issues should be something everyone does. 

"I feel that everybody(men and women) but men particularly should talk about it especially because of how society portrays us. People should talk about their problems because one day you might just snap," he opined.


"You know when anger piles up, one can even end up killing. Men should talk to the professionals and to the people that they have a problem with. Don't be afraid of crying, or seeming weak." 

Willis said that his message had been positively received by many men who had even reached out to him.

"In fact, when I started talking about it on my social media pages, so many other men reached out to me thanking me for speaking about the issue."

He finished by describing what his end-game was, telling Mpasho, "If I can change that one person...At the end of the day, you have to take care of the man in the mirror."

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