• Right now I am not ready to take my projects back to TV. Online is the future.- DJ Shiti

DJ Shiti
Image: instagram

Real House helps of Kawangware actor, DJ Shiti has said Kenyan TV houses are full of mediocre people.

According to Shiti such people include directors and other people involved in creating and directing shows.

He blamed them for the death of shows such as Real House helps of Kawangware and Aunty Boss.

Shiti added that for that reason he has chosen to put his content on digital platforms such as Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Shiti shared

"Right now I am not ready to take my projects back to TV. Online is the future. TV's is full of mediocre people, who kill artists and their shows."

Shows like the Real House helps of Kawangare and Aunty Boss were they supposed to die?

The shows were killed by politics inside media houses. Some shows died a slow death because you are not getting along with the producer.

May God bless people who started such digital platforms."

Asked whether he decided to work with Omosh because he was trending, Shiti responded.

"Only time will tell if we are working with him because he trended then we cannot work with him for long."

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