Amira, the first wife of Jimal 'Rohosafi' Marlow trended this week after she made some shocking claims about her hubby.

One of the most surprising of her allegations was that the man who has crafted an image of being well-heeled was broke and survived with the use of loans.

In an interview he did with, we paused the question, "Was what Amira had said true?" He started out by saying that the reason he was trending in the public was because of his lifestyle and not corruption. 

Adding that he took loans to finance his business, "I came from nothing. I was a makanga from zero. No one raised me from there. For me to be where I am with what I have right now I did not get it from anyone. You go to the bank, bank your money daily you talk to banks they see what you are worth, and your credentials then they finance your business."

He said that at the moment he had taken over Ksh300 million in loans. 

"I owe 150m in loans to a bank and another 80m and another 90m. If you owe three banks that amount then you have a good income to sustain those loans. A bank is not your mother's house to check in and say that they will just front you the cash," Jimal explained.

"They have to look at your net worth, assets and then decide to give you a loan," the father of two continued. 

He finished the topic of loans by summarising his philosophy for running his investments, saying,

"People are saying I have loans. Yes, I have loans even you personally kama unataka loan enda kwa bank. And I pay them well. I have a property in Muthaiga that I'm paying for. Some in Kitengela and I'm paying but I don't operate anything with my own cash I must influence the bank to give me that cash."

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