Jimal Marlow and wife Amira
Jimal Marlow and wife Amira

Businessman Jimal Marlow has come out to defend himself from claims that he was abusive towards his first wife, Amira.

Amira's confidential messages with blogger Edgar Obare were recently leaked online.

In the messages, she details how Jimal once assaulted her in front of her family.

"To say the truth, I cannot do anything bad to my first wife. Sina hiyo nguvu because mahali nimetoka ni mbali na mahali ninaelekea ni mbali. (I don't have that strength to do that because I have come from far and I'm heading further ahead)," Jimal explained.

"Someone who would threaten the wife is a fool. I'm a very humble person. I have never hit a woman or threatened anyone in my life," he added, "If I'm angry I leave and go to the car wash and the garage to make my cars then I return home when I'm calm. So such allegations...no, I'm above that."

Asked why he has left Amira's house in Syokimau and no longer visits. Jimal explained, "Kwa Amira ni kwangu na kwa Amber pia ni kwangu. Right now to say the truth, I feel what Amira is feeling. I need to give her space...and it is natural."

He continued, "I have been told by wazee to give her space for a week or two. So she can cool down. At the end of the day, she is the mother to my children. She is human, I know how she feels for me to be there ninamsinya so I have to give her space."

Jimal added, "Im still taking care of bills and everything is in order."

He continued, "This is a small issue that will heal with time. I sleep easy at the end of the day because things will be okay at the end of the day."

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