Willy Paul really knows how to court media and controversy. The singer has been learning well from his constant critic Ringtone, who also uses the same tactics to generate excitement online-especially when he is about to drop a song.

And this month, Willy Pozze has been on a roll. One of the claims that Willy made a few weeks ago that has generated a lot of buzz was that he knew of several male musicians who were selling their bodies to other men for money.

While he hasn't verified his claim yet, he still isn't backing down on them. In fact, he doubled down in a recent interview, stating that he would expose those musicians if they kept fighting him.

"There are those musicians selling their bodies for money. They should stop that. Those men come to fight with me, while I am a straight man! I am straight!

"They use their behinds to make money and they are still fighting me while they know I have their secrets! Please, male musicians, leave me alone! I will embarrass you with your wives and your girlfriends." 

And when asked by Mpasho whether it was just secular artistes participating in selling their bodies for money, he remarked that also gospel musicians were taking part.

"It isn't just secular musicians, even male gospel musicians are also selling their bodies! That's how bad it is!" the 'Hallelujah' singer finished. 

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