Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Socialite Vera Sidika is holding her exclusive baby gender reveal in Karen today.

The invite-only event is happening at an undisclosed location in Karen. Those invited are supposed to dress in white and a touch of blue or pink.

Sources close to have revealed that Comedian Eric Omondi is the host. He will be picked at the Airport direct to the venue soon as he lands from Tanzania.

Another detail is that no media house is invited and those attending are being picked and dropped at the secret venue so no information is gonna leak to the public.

On her social media, Vera has mentioned some guests in her list include, Cuppie Ayioka, Manzi was Kibera, Risper Faith and her hubby Brayo, Faith Ngendo, Hanako Takaishi, actor Khula Budi and Amina Amaru among others.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Vera said she finds Manzi was Kibera interesting and would love to give her the special honor of attending her exclusive party.

"I’ve seen this girl go above and beyond crazy for the love she has for me. I watch every video on YouTube & it cracks me up so hard,  is very interesting and funny. I wish I could invite all my fans, but unfortunately can’t.

I couldn’t even fit all my friends on the list, Manzi was Kibera your love for me is so real and I thought it’d be special to have you at the gender reveal today. Can’t wait to finally meet you. Bless,"  she wrote.

Manzi was Kibera could not hide her excitement as she yearns to meet her role model, Vera Sidika.

"I have been a big fan of queenveebosset from day one never imagined meeting or talking to her. Getting an invite from her just shows how humble vera is,she didn't care if i come from the ghetto."