Dolly Quinter
Image: Instagram

Born 32 years ago, Kenyan-born UK-based designer Dolly Quinter has successfully run her fashion business despite being born with Dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a disorder that involves difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence.

Dolly, as she is fondly known by her family, was diagnosed with dyslexia after her mother detected she was misbehaving while in school.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Dolly shared;

''My mother detected  I was very badly behaved in school but good at home and did not quite understand why.

So she requested the teacher to dig deeper into the matter.

One would say I was the class clown and among the popular kids at school.

When it came to expressing myself verbally I was unstoppable but my written work was sketchy, even though I was always in the bottom sets in school my teacher would say I was smart but I don’t apply myself and work hard enough.''

Dolly added;

'‘My loved ones tried everything private tuitions after school class but it was not working.’’

It’s only after Dolly got a patient teacher that she was able to catch up sadly that’s when she was discovered to have dyslexia.

The fashion enthusiast is forever grateful to her family as they never put her down nor did they make her feel like an ‘outcast.’

‘’ I think with my big personality you couldn’t put me down as I have always been a character, and I was forever told by my loved ones I was special.

I had a supportive teacher with me most for most of my lessons and this helped. Dolly however added that she did not get the same support while studying in Kenya

‘When I went to Kenya to study kids were a lot less empathetic on the situation I guess it was awareness, but again I pushed along because of my personality and witty charm.''


‘’We were on my cousin's graduation in Sydney Australia and my younger cousin was struggling own on an outfit to wear to so I helped.

At that moment I knew I would not be pursuing higher education, and from a tender age, I have always been very creative.

Being a dyslexic has come with its fair share of challenges but that has not dampened Dolly’s spirit as she is determined to give her fans the best service.

‘'I never take anything personally and culture plays a big part and I always Measure expectations I never oversell and then under deliver.

I minimize expectations, so am always a step ahead and I made it clear on what I can do and what I can’t, you’d be surprised how many people value honesty and being transparent.’'

She has worked with big celebrities such as Shaka Lords and other clients whom she can’t mention for confidentiality purposes.

To Dolly advancement in technology has been a lifesaver, especially when family and friends are not around to help.

‘’With technology, everything is so much easier sending voice notes dyslexia apps and my loved ones are always willing to help I make it clear to my clients that I have dyslexia.

Some don’t understand but most are very accommodating.

The worst thing about having dyslexia is mixing up dates and times I have gone to the airport a day late gone to the wrong airport, missed my fight while been in the airport, but when I look back at the mistakes are made I have only found methods to help me.''

Her advice to parents with Dyslexic kids

‘’ Don’t put your kids down.

Be accommodating and don’t put so much pressure on them as some people are just not academic and it's ok we all can’t be the same.

Some of the most successful people of all times have had dyslexia like Muhammad Ali, Richard Branson, Magic Johnson.’'