Laikipia Woman representative Cate Waruguru has defended herself against claims that she is a husband snatcher.

Speaking on an interview with Tuko, the legislator said that it is Peter Waweru who chased her, and not vice-versa.

"Am not a husband snatcher, Mimi hukatiwa, sikatianangi. I am chased. Please ask your men why they chase after me. Am not a husband snatcher, because when you say you were snatched you look like you were some idle person who was walking on the street not knowing what you were doing and you were pick pocketed," she said.

She added;

"The women who are complaining need to do their homework very well. Check around their husbands and see whether there are areas of improvement they need to work on.Peter Waweru is not new to me, he is my childhood friend. Alinikatia na nikakubali, he is my man, mali safi, so mzoee mtaa. I will take good care of him."

Speaking to Word is two weeks ago, Peter Waweru said that he is married to Waruguru, and they are living together as husband and wife.

The businessman asked people to respect his decision and to identify Waruguru as his official second wife.

"Cate is my wife and people should stop saying we are dating or whatever they say. She is my wife and we live together. I have even done the first part of dowry payment 'kuhanda ithigi' to prove she is my wife," Peter Waweru said.