Dennis Ombachi, an international Rugby star from Kenya has opened up on his mental health struggles.

The renowned player, who is passionate about cooking said that he has suffered depression that has affected his career and also social relations.

"I am Dennis Ombachi, Kind of an International Rugby player and a guy who's passionate about cooking, what many people don't know is that I am medically diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. 

For many years I have struggled with this and depression and its when I would usually disappear from social media and occasionally miss flights when i had made the national team. This behaviour was always blamed on me 'just being Dennis' what my coaches and teammates didnt know was how much pain i was in," he narrated.

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Dennis added that his moods can quickly switch from elation to depression, but with medication, he is fine.

"This has taken a toll on my family life over the years and i am thankful for the support i have received. When i say family, include the friends who have stuck by me and w'alked with me through the darkness."

The passionate cook said he was coming out so that many people do not continue to suffer in silence.

"Mental health is affecting so many people but no one will come forward and talk about it because it is considered taboo in our culture. For me, let me be the one. many athletes and many ordinary people are facing this daily and they need help and understanding."

The Rugby star has been visiting therapists, psychiatrists and spending time at Mental Health wellness centres.