Politician Karen Nyamu has warmed up to her stepson on his birthday.

On her Instagram stories, Nyamu shared a picture she took with Ndirangu, accompanied by a birthday song.

She wrote;

"Happy birthday to a special lil man ❤️."

Samidoh's wife, Edday Nderitu celebrated her son's birthday in a separate post saying;

"A day like today a king was born, it's your day lil man, praying for many more years and blessings. Happy birthday Ndirangu Muchoki."

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Ndirangu's father celebrated his son, who wanted a car as a birthday gift.

Samidoh shared that his son wanted the two-seater car to carry himself and his girlfriend.

Even though the two ladies have been beefing over Samidoh, Karen Nyamu has warmed up to his stepchildren.

She has never shown regret in her affair with Samidoh, describing their son as a blessing from God.