Genge star Mejja has responded to claims that he collided with his producer to steal a song from an upcoming artiste.

On his Instagram page, Mejja expressed disappointment on how he has been supporting upcoming artists, only to be dragged into the mud by one.

"NiLiKuwa Mimea Zangu NaKuTaNa Na Hii UFala, YaaNi Hate on Another Level, I Am The Same Person Helping New Artist Sasa Leo NiMeKuwa NaChuKuwa Doba Inaitwa DuNia, If Hii Ni Design Yaku Ni Slow Down Siwachi KUTOA NGOMA BELIEVE THAT HADI NIFE GOD ABOVE EVERYTHING," he wrote. 

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Revina, the young artists who made the allegations against Mejja sought the help of blogger Robert Alai.

In the complaint echoed by Alai, the musician said that he recorded the Tabia za Wakenya song on Vicky Pondis studios only for Mejja to release it.

"My names are kevin Ochieng an upcoming Artist from Mathare Nairobi,i have a problem and i was hopping if you can help me out,mimi ni msanii ambae nilikua nimefanya recording kwa vicky pondis,nilihustle sana ndio niweze kufanya my first song,i really went through alot to raise pesa ya studio,halafu just last week Mejja akaniibia Ngoma wakiwa na producer akatoa nayo nyimbo yake inajiita za watu wa Nairobi (kanairo),,wakati niliuliza producer why he did that to me akanidanganya heti song ilikua youtube channel yake,,i was kindly asking for help since i had no one to help me out. My stage names are Revina," read the post. 

The song has become a hit, having garnered more than 1 Million views on You Tube, 10 days after it was uploaded.