Comedian Eric Omondi has defended the Big Quiz show that he hosts alongside TV queen Betty Kyallo.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Eric said that they do not owe the winners of the game any money since they are only employees.

"That show does not belong to Eric Omondi and Betty Kyallo, and anyone who has to be paid is paid by Big Quiz Limited. We are hosts, Betty and I were contracted to host the show. There is a confusion, nimeona people are saying Betty and Eric scammed Kenyans of millions.We are employees, we have not chickened out, all our phones are on," said the king of comedy.

He responded to these claims after some anonymous Kenyans reached out to blogger Edgar Obare, accusing Betty and Eric of being cons.

Some of the winners of the Big Quiz show alleged that they had not received the millions of payments promised on the game.

The show has since been halted, but Eric said that it will be back in no time.

"Itarudi tu, it had some technical issues. The show is live, people are playing live. It will be back sooner than you think," he said.

In the interview, Kalondu Musyimi also asked the comedian if he had recovered his pairs of boxers that Shakila had taken during the shooting of Wife Material Season 1 show.

"She stole my boxers.She said it has my warmth and her warmth. Boxer yenye Shakila amevaa na hajafua, naweza buy ata 300K. They are expensive because mimi na Shakilla tumeivaa."

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