For the longest time, Jalango has kept his chin up despite the online controversies and drama that have dogged his brand.

Speaking to Maina Kageni on his popular YouTube Channel, Jalango said that he lives his life the best way he knows how and set goals to grow himself.

Maina also seconded this.

Today morning on the Kiss F breakfast show, Jalango motivated his fans by saying,

"You wait on my downfall I am wishing and praying for your come up, we are not the same," Jalang'o said.


"Each and every single day people are praying that you fail. They don’t know it is hard work, all the time you are putting but all you are wishing is that they come and feel how lonely it is up there since you are lonely."

Jalango continued,

"How I wish you could want to come up where people are and not wishing that they come down where you are."

His co-host, Kamene Goro said,

“You realize the percentage of people praying for you to fail is definitely more than the ones who wants you to succeed. Never let that be a discouraging factor just always remember we are not the same.”