A mother of 6 in West Pokot has shocked many by leaving her husband and getting married to the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth's union with her new 'spouse' was witnessed by hundreds of residents at a church in Kapenguria.

The newly wed said that she was responding to a divine message she received from Jesus

Dressed in a white veil, she said that she is carrying God's message to his people.

"We will start seeing things we have never seen, it is good i am bringing you the word. I ate ants, i ate everything and even gave birth to children. This God we sing about, no one has ever listened to his message. I am lucky to have gotten his message," she said.

Speaking to NTV, the bride's husband said she was suprised by her move to leave family behind.

"She is my wife, i have paid 22 cows as dowry. We have six children, one has finished form 4 recently. You can not have two unions, i am so suprised by her actions," said Elizabeth's husband said.

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