Eric Omondi has hit out at Khaligraph Jones for having a poor fashion sense.
According to Eric, the rapper sings about having a good look, yet what he portrays is a totally different one.
He said that Khaligraph praises himself for having a 'Luku safi' yet in real sense he has a 'Luku ya Kuku'.

"Artists go over the board to look good apart from simple boy, Bahati, Willy Paul and especially Kaligraph. Anasema luku ni safi na kila siku amevaa T-shirt ya black na timberland. What is he doing and you call yourself King of hip hop? Hip hop is a lifestyle. Hiyo Luku yake Sio ata Kasuku, ni Kuku," said Eric Omondi.

In an exclusive interview on Mpasho, Africa's King of Comedy said that he has spent millions of money just to make himself unique, because that is what an artist should do.
Eric revealed that he threw away all his old clothes and spent 6.2 Million to get a new look and live his life at its best.

"This life is not that long, if you get an opportunity and God has blessed you, just live it. I am not married, I only have one child, how do I reward myself?How many times have I treated myself to holidays, buddy massage? Lemme live my best life because no one knows about tomorrow.I rebranded, I threw away all my clothes and am now rejuvenated. Even a snake shades of its skin, I should also get something new."

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