Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has said that she has cut the random travels across the world and now she could even have a family.

In a post on her Insta-stories, Huddah said that she had been spending a lot of money travelling across the country aimlessly.

‘I’ve saved so much money not travelling randomly, my life was basically I doubt my man, I take the next flight to anywhere. I get angry at the government I take the next flight to anywhere to calm down. Expenditure on expenditure. Money out and no money in. This year and last year all money inside stocks. Covid has really transformed me. At this point I can even get married and have kids coz if I can actually settle for this long. I’m a changed woman," Huddah wrote.

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Being a businesswoman, Huddah also said that the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected her cosmetics business.

"COVID came, so things that were normal never became norm again! You either gonna remain the same or different. You either learnt something new or binge watched movies while waiting for the pandemic to end. THe choice is yours but evolving is a must."

After staying in Dubai for a year, Huddah flew back to Kenya this month. Last year, she said that the world is her home, and had sold her Nairobi house.