Kenya's deputy vice president William Ruto gushed about the nuptials of her firstborn daughter, June, that are set to take place this afternoon.

Ruto was speaking at the national prayer meeting at Parliament where all the Kenyan political leaders and the president were in attendance.

"Last night as I was preparing, villagers came from my village including my relatives because my daughter, June, got a spouse. She works in foreign affairs so she got a foreigner to be a spouse. and so, one of the gentlemen from the village said something profound."

He added,

"He was telling us about this wedding in the Bible in Cannan. in the wedding among the people invited was Jesus and his mother and there was trouble and there was a shortage, na pia kiliumana, but because Jesus was their things were sorted."

Ruto continued,

"he was telling us that whatever plan, in whatever agenda or mission always have God in the equation and I think that is profoundly what we are reminding ourselves this morning."

June is set-top walk down the aisle this afternoon to wed Alexander Ezenagu.

Here are the details of the nuptials.