TV presenter Willis Raburu has celebrated his 7 months weight loss journey after shading off 21.5 Kgs.

He shared a post on his social media pages, showing how his photo before and after the tremendous weight loss.

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"The journey continues. One day at a time 🙏🏾 Repost from coach Shukran! Imma look for this exact outfit and take another pic. For now allow me to celebrate. Bless up," he wrote.

Willis embarked on the weight loss journey after a warning from a doctor over his excess body weight.

"He told me, if I was not going to lose some kilograms of the body weight, sooner or later, it would be a recipe for my death," said Raburu.

The 10/10 host has fallen victim to online body shaming, which he finally admitted had been affecting him.

“I finally get to talk about this thing that has been heavy on my mind! I admit I need help with my weight,” he said on his Vlog

He started the weight loss in November 2020, and the results can now be seen.