A female police officer in Busia County has ventured into fish vending business after leaving her job due to a conflict with her bosses.

Dorris Wako said that she resigned from service after frustrations while seeking a transfer. The mother of one said that she lost her husband after their wedding, and has to take care of her 8-years-old child who is sickly.

Speaking to Daily Nation, Dorris said that she sought help from her bosses at Kakamega region and Vigilante house in Nairobi but none of them listened to her.

"I told the boss in Nairobi that my husband died and i have to take care of my sickly child. She asked me, 'you have brought a dead certificate of your husband, will you wait until he resurrects so that you can go for a transfer?' I was so shocked," she narrated. 

She said her daughter was born with a cleft palate, and had undergone four surgeries. Therefore, she needed special medical attention that only the mother could  provide since her husband died two weeks after their wedding.

These frustrations prompted her to leave the service and start a fish vending business to fend for her daughter and other street children she has adopted.

Dorris asked to be cleared from the police service so as to focus on her fish business in Busia.