DJ Pinye has never come to terms with the sudden death of his big brother, David Chuani, 5 years ago.

Speaking about this on Spice FM, DJ Pinye narrated how he and his big brother never got along due to sibling rivalry.

"November 30th is the worst day of my life. I'm a second born all my life I was compared to my brother the first born. and I hated it. They call it sibling rivalry."

He continued,

"I hated it so I never wanted to be like him. I did so many nasty things just because I did not like the attention he was getting. and the fact that I was being told to become like him. we were not close at all."

DJ Pinye then decided years later to reach out to his brother and mend fences.

"The one time I decide that let me see if I can reach out now that we are older, I reach out to him, he was leaving the country so I told  him you leave when you come back we will talk. it was the last week of November, on the 30th he was murdered it really hurt me because we are not close."

He added,

"I feel so bad because it is the only thing I'm incomplete with, in my whole life. that I did not make it to make peace with him before he left. the only thing I can do is go back to the old memories the way things used to be it takes me back to when we were teenagers. when I was 13 and he was 14,"