Coast-based musician, Nyota Ndogo has explained why her husband was very angry over the pregnancy prank she played on Aprils fools day.

Speaking in an interview with Mpasho, the mother of two said that her husband was agitated by her pregnancy prank because they had not agreed on having children.

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According to Nyota, her Dutch husband did not want to have children because he felt that her(Nyota) 2 children and his own three children were enough.

"We talked about having children, he said we have 5 of them, we dont need another one. By five children, he meant my daughter and son, and his own 3 children.

He then argued that he is an adult, with grandchildren. He said 'I want when i retire and come to Kenya, we travel all over the world, and not baby sitting' ", said Nyota Ndogo.

On the fateful day, Nyota Ndogo recalled how she pranked her husband, never to hear from him again.

"We used to talk twice a day. So I called him in the morning, I remember he was brushing his teeth, I told him that I was pregnant. He said 'Hmm! What' then hanged up the phone. I did not say anything else,"

She said that if they were in good terms, her husband would have visited this month.