Music producer Magix Enga has asked Arrow boy to forgive him for insulting him over a Ksh 2 Million studio debt.

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"Someone tag him. Naomba msamaha kama nilikosea, i said what i said because of anger na pia kusota inaweza fanya uchome ukikumbuka deni kidogo kidogo. Keep winning Mr. Arrow boy, God bless your hustle," the producer wrote.

Magix Enga accused Arrow Boy of being broke, wearing cheap chains and failing to settle a Ksh 2 Million debt that he owed his studio.

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In February, the producer said that he is the one who made Arrow Boy's name by producing a chorus that impacted the debut of his career.

“I produced a song that made him famous #DigiDigi that chorus was part of my freestyle, but I don’t regret,” he stated. “I’m here because of your new song Fashionista. You came to my studio November @magix_empire_studios and managed to record that song with one of my producers. Pay him and brag later,” Magix Enga said.