Citizen TV's Lilian Muli has been keeping a low profile about her private since the year began.

She has rarely been posting about her two children or anything about her relationship.

In a recent Q and A session with her fans on Instagram, the mother of two was asked by a fan if she is dating.

Are you dating?

LLilian responded saying that the question was personal but she is happy.

Very personal question. I decided to keep my life super private but I am happy.

Asked if she is married, she said no.

i learnt from my mistakes getting into this industry too young and making a few blunders here and there now i prefer a reasonably quiet life.

Another fan asked her when she is getting married to which she responded;

I have been married. it was a good run but it didn't work out. Not really keen on talking about marriage as I am currently very happy as I am.

Lilian Muli is raising her two sons Josh and Liam and not looking forward to getting another child.