Comedian Eric Omondi has said Wife material season 2, will officially begin on Monday.

After the show was cut short because of Kenya's film regulations, Eric has vowed to make a bigger and hotter come back until he gets a wife.

"We are going to pick from where we left. People did not vote, so we have to get a winner before we go to season three, " said Eric.

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Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Eric said that he has little control of what happens in the show since it's a reality one.

"Our show is a reality show, we can't control much of what happens. If something happens,  I cannot control it.

"We let the girls live their lives and do their thing. I tell them to be themselves, be as real as possible, and that annoys some people," he said.

Eric assured fans that the continuation of season two will be more hot.

"The thing about wife is that the next season always gets bigger, better. So, anything you saw on the previous season, expect more, it gets hotter and hotter,"

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The show is going to take place in four towns across Kenya. It will commence in Nairobi, and later on head to Kisumu, Busia and Mombasa.

The cast of the show will not be changed, the ladies who had been selected from across East Africa will continue with the reality show.

Eric will allow his fans to vote for the best candidate, and the wife that fans will chose for him is the one he will settle for.

The king of comedy also celebrated his latest achievements, having signed brand endorsement deals with companies like Rhino Mabati  and Guardian buses.

"I have signed four deals, my manager was even wondering how we are going to programme all the deals and deliver," he concluded.