Carole Sonnie can not hide her joy of carrying comedian Mulamwah's pregnancy.

The mother-to-be has announced that she is 22 weeks into the pregnancy, showing excitement about it.

"The feeling can’t be explained.  feels good 😍😘" Wrote Sonnie.

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The couple announced their pregnancy to fans in April when it was 17 weeks old.

"It has been a journey full of fear and a lot of ups and downs but I thank God for this far... kufika tu hapa it's a miracle tu ☺️ . We are at 17/42 weeks. May He see us through to the end 🤰🏻💕" she wrote.

Their second pregnancy comes after just a year after Carole suffered a miscarriage with her first baby.

While announcing the pregnancy news, David Oyando, alias Mulamwah said that they feel scared about the journey.

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But he was glad that they got back on their feet after the loss and took another shot at getting a child.

The unfortunate incident in 2020 left the comedian and her girlfriend devastated, leading to a brief separation.

"I remember when I told Mulamwah about the news and he was depressed. He couldn't even control himself. The same happened to me, I broke down each and every time. Every time I saw a baby I would cry, it was that bad,"  Carole narrated.

"We were both going through different stresses as a dad- and mum-to-be. At first, it was really difficult to accept what had transpired and it also really affected us financially due to the medical bills," Mulamwah recalled.