For the first time ever, Willis Rauru's ex-wife has spoken out about relationships and how hard it hit her when the marriage ended.

In an interview with Youtube Channel Light Art Club, Marya Prudence explained why there is nothing like a perfect relationship.

She said, "There is no perfect relationship, don't lie. There is no perfect relationship either with yourself, your folks, your boyfriend or husband or even with God because we are complicated people and when you come together you bring a lot together. So it cannot be perfect."

Marya added,

"I'm proud of myself because I got to pull myself from a very dark place and I had a reason to come back and be a better version of myself."

Recently, Marya confirmed that her divorce to media personality, Raburu, was over and that she is ready to go ahead with her life.

Asked what was one of the most unforgettable moments, Marya responded,

"The most beautiful and precious moment I ever had was to hold my daughter in my arms ...sighs...ah man...that is it. Yeah."


"I had a beautiful pregnancy journey, my daughter was very kind to me."

Marya revealed in the interview that she was working on a book. However, she did not reveal the title or the contents of the book.