A Kenyan man has revealed that the mother of his children once left him because he was broke.

Speaking on the classic 105 breakfast show, the man said that he was working as a watchman when the lady he was dating abandoned him.

Later, after he landed another job, the lady pressed him over child support, until they agreed to settle the matter out of court.

"There's this lady I was dating and we sired a child, at the time I was a watchman. She didn't even want me to see the child, when I got a better job, I was taken to the children's court," he told Classic 105's Maina Kageni.

The man further revealed that during their negotiations, the lady got remorseful and apologized to him. Thereafter, they got back together and have sired another child.

Other callers also confessed that relationships without money can never work.

Men were of the opinion that women only stay in marriages because of money. When they were no longer assured of financial stability, they choose to walk away.

"Without money, there's no future, there's no love. I'd rather date an old guy with money that a young one with nothing and I'll make my future bright," confessed Betty.

Another lady said that she left her marriage 9 years after supporting her broke husband.

She said that a broke man is a no for her, and money is the number one factor she is considering before getting into another marriage.