Former Nairobi Governer Mike Mbuvi Sonko surprised a student heading to school with Sh 10,000 for pocket money.

Sonko bumped into the girl, all dressed in school uniform at a highway motel late Sunday night.

The student, who was on transit from Kisii was sleeping at an outdoor bench in the motel when Sonko bumped into her.

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"Students your parents sacrifice alot to make you study some of you undergo very difficult situations in the process of learning. While on our way back to Nairobi,I stopped for a short call and was very much touched to find a school girl sleeping on the bench at a highway hotel coz there was no means of transport," wrote Sonko on his Instagram page.

The former Governor took her to nearby supermarket, asked her to pick anything from the shelf assuring her he would pay for it.

He also asked her if his team could escort her to school, but the student turned down the offer.

Sonko later on asked the staff at the motel to provide her a room to spend the night before embarking on her journey to school.

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The flamboyant politician has always expressed a desire to help the less fortunate in the society.

When he is not helping, his organisation; Sonko Rescue Team takes charge of some situations.