The second best student in the just released KCSE results has narrated his tough journey to scoring high marks.

Allan Wasonga of Agoro Sare High School said that he was staying in a bedsitter with four other family members when schools were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here, the top scorer had a difficult time studying at night without distracting his room mates.

According to him, he had to study inside the toilet until late night to avoid disturbing other family members who could not sleep with the lights on.

"My mother wanted to sleep, she was complaining about the lights. Because my concentration was high at night, i would go to the toilet, put lights on and study from there sometimes," Allan Wasonga narrated.

The Agoro Sare alumni cited the pressure he was getting from his teachers as the reason why he had to go extra miles in his studies.

"The pressure to perform was high. If no one told me that they wanted me to lead in the whole country, i wouldn't be locking myself in the toilet. I would have just aimed at an A to enable me to pursue a career in medicine," he said.

When schools were closed for 7 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Allan says he experienced challenges in catching up with online classes.

However, he rose against the odds to score an A of 87.173 points, emerging the second best performer in the country.