'Twendi Twendi' hit maker Justina Syokau has found help after appealing for financial assistance from Kenyans.

On Sunday, city preacher Lucy Natasha visited Justina at her home where she donated food stuff and prayed for her.

The Oracle Church preacher said it was an act of restoration for the gospel musician who had undergone a tough medical experience.

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A week ago, a broken Justina asked Kenyans of good will to help her with financial support as she could not afford food and housing.

She said that she had spent all her money on seeking medication after developing a skin condition.

The condition presented itself in the form of rashes all over her body, which later turned into black spots.

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“After a week, the rashes had spread all over my body, and they were itchy. I stopped taking meat, eggs and started detoxing. In the second week, the rashes started forming black spots, and I went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with dermatophytes,” she said.

Justina's appeal made her a laughing stock after a past video of her bragging emerged. In the Video, Justina beat her chest, saying that she was an investor in the real estate business and would never accept a broke man for a spouse.