In Kenya, weekends have always been for weddings and parties. And this time, it was Deputy President William Ruto's daughter, getting off the market.

Guests from Nigeria visited Ruto's Karen home to ask for June's hand in marriage. This is after the DP's daughter caught the eye of Alexander Ezenagu, a law professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University who hails from Enugu State, Nigeria.

However, before the event that was held at Ruto's home on Saturday, the culture dictates that the groom should make a prior visit to the bride's home accompanied by his friends.

"The suitor will then dress in a specially fine cloth, usually monkey skins, and carrying a special walking stick, goes with a friend to the house of his father-in-law to the ceremony called 'kejut Njor'," it says. 

In some clans, there is a hidden door in the wall called (Kurg'rap san-the door of the relations by marriage) opened on this occasion, by which the prospective son-in-law enters.