Toxic people are everywhere at workplaces, at home, schools, business places, you name it.

At times it is at the comfort of our own homes. So what happens when you find out that ‘You’ are the toxic person.

Here are 5 signs that you are a toxic person


A toxic person always thinks about themselves first before anybody else. He or she is selfish in all that they have and will only come to help as long as it benefits them. For example, when a person asks how your day was, you answer and not ask back. They are good at always playing the victim say in an argument

Anger management

Getting angry unnecessarily not only kills the vibe but also puts your relationships at the edge. Some of us luck patience but practising it a step at a time helps to save the energy you'd use getting angry over something petty. A bad temper can cost you a lot and in the end, you end up looking like the fool.


Toxic people are ever negative. They tend to lean on the bad side of everything and are always a mood kill. They tend to believe evil outweighs the good and the bad thing likely to happen is that they influence their friends to be the same. One habit they have is that they complain all the time even when there is nothing to complain about. They are your number one fan in terms of making you feel bad about yourself.


They tend to believe that they are always perfect and never make mistakes. It is easy for them to look at the speck in your eye and not see the log in theirs and correcting others is part of their lifestyle. They also put pressure on their friends to keep up with their lifestyle and act like their little puppets.


These people have no respect for personal space. Be it in your house, your belongings and assume that ‘Yours is Theirs’. They are the people who can come to your house at any time and take what they want without feeling the pinch.

Sorry for their mistakes

They never apologize for their mistakes, they are so good at turning things around and always make you look like the bad guy.

Story by Margaret Wanjiru