After a super vitriolic exchange between ex-couple Professor Hamo and Jemutai, Churchill has intervened and asked them to resolve the matter privately.

Hamo put out a statement claiming that Jemutai exposed him because things did not go as she wanted - relationshipwise.

And that his wife has been sending child support to Jemutai.

Angered by the claims, Jemutai unleashed receipts that will only go to damage Hamo's credibility.

She detailed the financial handouts she got from Hamo's wife and outlined how Hamo would show up at her doorstep in the dead of the night.

Jemutai also claimed that he was violent towards her and that she has more receipts if Hamo continues his lies to the public.

Their former employer, Churchill has stepped in to help the couple who have been trending all morning.