The family of gospel singer Emmy Kosgei is grappling with the sad news of the incarceration of Meshack Kipkoech Kosgei.

Meshack was charged with causing the death of a boy through dangerous driving has been sentenced to five years in jail.

The court heard how Meshack ran over Birion Kinda, 6, on December 25, 2017, on Nakuru-Mogotio Road.

On the day of the accident, Meshack caused two accidents in a span of 10 minutes.

The charge sheet stated that at 11.40am on that Christmas Day, on the Nakuru-Mogotio Road in Rongai, he drove recklessly and hit Biron while he was crossing the road.

Ten minutes later, Meshack also hit Richard Komen, a motorcyclist, who sustained injuries on his right leg.

The six-year-old, passed on four days after the accident.

Biron's elder sister Elser Atieno said that they had gone to pick a pair of shoes their mother had bought.

Testifying in court, Elser said her brother was the first to cross the road but he did not manage as he was hit.

She asked the driver of the vehicle to help her injured brother to get to hospital. It is while on their way that the driver hit a motorcycle rider.

The Eldama Ravine Senior Principal Magistrate John Tamar noted that back in 2008 Meshack was charged in Traffic case No 1466/ 2008 with the offence of causing death by dangerous driving resulting in the death of a police officer.

He was convicted and fined Sh20,000 and in default 12 months in jail.

“Consequently and noting that the accused had previous records of causing death by dangerous driving, I sentence the accused to five years imprisonment.”


“In addition and pursuant to Section 76(1) (a) of the Traffic Act part VIII, I cancel his driving licence and declare him disqualified from obtaining another one for a period of 10 years.”