Director of Youth Affairs Walter Mongare Snr alias Nyambane says he will vie for the presidency next year.

Speaking in an interview with Churchill 'Journey Series' edition, Nyambane who acted in the famous 'Redycyluss' TV programme said his dreams are valid.

"I use to imitate presidents and you know, you can act something until you become. I think I faked it and I am hopeful to make it somedays. My president understands what is happening on the ground. Elections are coming in 2022 and our president has done what he needed to do within the abilities and the capability he had, so we are coming in in 2022," he said.

"We are giving Kenyans another opportunity for them to chose someone else to proceed. At this time, I do not know who is going to be the president but I can't rule even myself out. Dreams are valid."

Speaking about his responsibilities as a Deputy Director in the Youth programme, Nyambane said he watches out for the young people in this country and also offer advisory to His excellency the president on matters with youths.

"I ensure that everything that is put out there targeting the young people has the intended impact. It pains to see the desperations that have been created in our youths. In a country where we enjoy relative stability."

During the interview, the former comedian said he dropped the stage name 'Nyambane' which he earned from the popular comedy show Redykyulass after he was appointed Director of Youth Affairs in 2017.

"It just reminded me that when God needed to bless Abraham, he changed his name first. It's a blessing and I believe it is God who put me here."

His message to the young musician is that they need to think about their trade, 20 years from now.

"I will always be an ambassador of clean content. What content you are putting out on the digital platforms, remember the internet never forgets. 20 years from now, would you be proud of it. The message is to think about the impact you have with your brand."