Ghost Mulee has opened up about his day job as a reconciliation coach on Radio Jambo's breakfast show, Patanisho alongside Gidi Gidi.

"Being a radio host and national team coach is a very unique situation, I became a radio presenter by coincidence."

Ghost explained that his main fanbase wondered how he ended up in a booth listening to couples pour their hearts out about their heartbreak.

"Because I was a coach, people were thinking, Like why? {Others thought}This guy can talk eloquently during interviews, he can also be a radio presenter?"

He added,

"We talk about sports, we talk about politics and we do reconciliation which is Swahili is known as Patanisho. We try to reconcile people who have had difficulties in marriage,"

Ghost explained that based on the various dramatic scenarios that play out on the breakfast show, the success rate on reconciliation keeps raising.

"You can always judge what is coming, some times you end up in tears sometimes you end up smiling and other times laughing. and I would say the success rate (of couples reconciling) had been like 75%."

He continued,

"AS a presenter you intermingle with people from different backgrounds and cultures and that also is the same thing that you encounter when you come to football.

Being a coach you are judged by the results of a team. I know the buck stops with the coach, I pick my team, the fans have their ideal team but it is the coaches team that plays and will be criticized."

Watch the video interview on BBC by Michelle Guda - A former Radio Jambo producer -.